Residential Railings

Residential railing projects vary greatly in size and scope. Ours range from a few feet of handrail on a small flight of stairs to multi-storey condominium complexes. But regardless of the size of the job, certain aspects pertain to all of them. Every railing system must be safe, functional, and attractive. And the entire project, from inception to completion, must be handled in a respectful and timely manner. 


Safety is the single, highest priority on all of our aluminum and stainless steel railing projects. It is our primary goal that your railing system provide a safe, worry-free environment for you to enjoy. All of our railing systems have been tested and approved by Ontario-based engineering firms, and are stamped and certified to meet the conditions and requirements of the Ontario Building Code. Our installations adhere to the manufacturers' installation guidelines, using approved components and fasteners, ensuring that your finished railings will perform as required and expected. 


While all railing environments must be safe, the desired use of the space may be radically different from location to location. Sometimes privacy is the goal; to create a secluded, protected area that is free from the distractions of the world outside. In other cases, the desire is to blend as seamlessly as possible with the elements on the other side of the rail - to be part of the natural sights and sounds just beyond reach.

Components of a railing system contribute to these functional outcomes, from the dimensions of posts and spindles (pickets), to the influence of handrails and connecting hardware. Clear glass panels vs. tinted, patterned, and/or frosted offer additional impact. By providing you with information about these various components, we can help you design the system that is ideally suited for you.


Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder. And while not everyone chooses vanilla, some of us do. Therefore, as you would expect, our railings are available in a variety of styles, colours, finishes, and prices. We're confident that you'll find a combination that looks good to you. 

Finally, it all has to make sense financially. So whether it's our classic spindle railing or our most elaborate glass system, we want to help you find the railing solution that suits your wants and needs, and also aligns with your financial plans. Please take a few moments to browse some our aluminum and stainless steel railing systems below. For more information, or to arrange a free, no obligation appointment, please Contact Us.

Imperial Series Glass Railing

Aluminum Railings

Our most popular and versatile exterior aluminum railing system - by far - is our Imperial Series from Canadian manufacturer Imperial Manufacturing Group. We are proud to be an authorized representative for them.

From our smallest projects to our largest, we trust this railing system to be the best of its kind.

Annodized Aluminum Railing

Anodized Aluminum Railings

Our Anodized Aluminum and glass railing systems are our newest, sleekest, and lowest profile railings. They are versatile, suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

Imported from Europe, these systems have the look of stainless steel but are available in two metal colours. 

Spectra Aluminum Railings

Our Spectra aluminum railings are a Canadian designed and manufactured system, intended specifically for mid-rise buildings, from Canadian manufacturer Imperial Manufacturing Group.

Spectra aluminum railings are recommended when maximum strength, reliability, and safety are required.

Prestige Aluminum Railings

Prestige Aluminum Railings

Do you prefer the traditional look and feel of a full-sized railing? Then the Prestige Series Railing System might be just what you're looking for.

With a generous, full-sized, and detailed handrail, and 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" full-sized spindles, Prestige Rail is reminiscent of traditional wood railings - but without the maintenance.