Aluminum Railings

Our most popular and versatile exterior aluminum railing system - by far - is our Imperial Series from Canadian manufacturer Imperial Manufacturing Group. We are proud to be an authorized representative for them.

From our smallest projects to our largest, we trust this railing system to be the best of its kind.

Glass or Spindle Panels

Our Imperial Series aluminum railings can be configured in a multitude of combinations. Choose railing panels with tempered glass, aluminum spindles (pickets), or a combination of both. Add decorative accents, including circles, finials, 'X-panels', double top bars, or combinations of these.

Glass panels can be clear, tinted, frosted, or patterned. Choose a higher opacity glass to restrict viewing through the panels, leading to a more private setting. 

Handrail Profiles & Posts

Four handrail profiles are available: 1500 (square), 5000 (round), Empire (square, with rounded edges), and Renaissance (unique). Systems can be configured to provide up to 19 feet of continuous, uninterrupted handrail. This means fewer posts extending above the handrail. 

Aluminum post sizes range from 1-1/2" square to 4" square, so the appropriate sizes can be selected to complement the scale of the project. The post bases are a solid aluminum extrusion, providing overall strength and reduced flexibility - critical elements in ensuring the safety and longevity of any railing system.  


White, warm beige, clay, commercial brown, and black. And combinations of these.

Find pictures of our Imperial Series aluminum railings in both the Railings and Projects areas of our Picture Gallery.