Spectra Aluminum Railings

Our Spectra aluminum railings are a Canadian designed and manufactured system, intended specifically for mid-rise buildings, from Canadian manufacturer Imperial Manufacturing Group.

Spectra aluminum railings are recommended when maximum strength, reliability, and safety are required.

Mid-rise condominium projects have strict, location-specific requirements for wind and live-loads, resulting in the need for engineering on a project-by-project basis. This means, essentially, that the higher the building and the windier the area, the stronger the railing system needs to be.

With our Spectra aluminum rail system, Renaissance Rail provides the detailed engineering that builders demand as part of their project scope.

Further, we typically engage an independent engineering firm to inspect the building prior to rail installation and then again after installation is complete. This ensures that the building is structurally prepared for the rail, and that the rail has been installed according to the manufacturer's strict installation guidelines. 

Spectra aluminum railings are produced using a stronger alloy (60056A-T61) in the posts, post bases, and top rails. Post bases are a solid aluminum extrusion. This commitment to quality results in an extremely reliable railing system - stronger, less flexible, and with a longer lifespan.

Spectra aluminum rail is offered in 8 standard colours and, for large projects, can be factory painted to any colour. Standard colours include: white, clay, tan, warm beige, cashmere, charcoal grey, commercial brown, and black.

It is available with 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" straight spindles, or with 6 mm tempered glass panels.

The standard glass panels are clear, tempered, non-tinted. Optional tints are available, in bronze and gray. Where required, optional heat-soaked tempered glass, and laminated tempered glass are also available.  

See pictures of Spectra aluminum railings.